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Elevators are essential to many commercial buildings, but what do you do when something goes wrong, and elevator fault codes

In 1870, the first office building to feature an elevator was built by the Otis Elevator Company. It was based on

Most people never hear about the elevator industry, so they imagine it must be somewhat small. However, statistics show that

A recent study found that the average US office worker waited for or spent time in an elevator for approximately 3

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintenance personnel and facility managers have looked for easier and more effective ways to help

At a time when both businesses and consumers are trying to cut corners where they can, routine maintenance tasks might

Using outdated elevators can be frustrating for several reasons. They’re slow and subject occupants in commercial buildings to long waits.

Here at Step Elevator, we have the tools and expertise to guarantee that your elevators continue to operate in a safe,

Elevators typically last around 25 years.  Elevators will show you that they are reaching the end of their lives by