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Goods lift

GOODS LIFT is the one, which is used to most in industrial premises to carry different type of goods or material to another floor vertically. Goods lift is also called as cargo lift. Goods lift is designed as per material formation and load capacity. in this type of goods lift there is no required more safety feature as compare to passenger lift. It can be made as only platform lift or full body cage lift also.  Entry door for Goods lift is not compulsory, it’s can be applied or not also. It’s have following type as per mechanism.


It’s one type of traction lift, which run or carry lift with wire rope connected machine, which release rope to run lift in down side and collect rope to run lift in upside. In this type of lift machine size is fixed with load capacity & platform size requirement.


This type of goods lift pattern is too old, it’s run on cylinder basis and need boring to set cylinder under platform. Hydraulic lift working on oil pressure basis so it has need oil as per tank capacity as per load capacity. Hydraulic lift system have some height limit because of working on cylinder basis.